Hi. I´m Lindsey. 

story2¨The Journey to a Successful Life Begins in the MIND¨

You’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and unclear on what it is you should be doing right now.

You know you’re meant to be an entrepreneur, but you don’t know if you’ve found the right niche that fits your values and desires.

I know what that’s like because I was there two years ago. I was working in direct services with a network marketing business on the side. I enjoyed both work endeavors but felt that I wasn’t helping people in the way that fit who I am and what I desired out of life.

You get clear on your true desires by eliminating distractions and listening to that inner voice. You will make more sound choices because you will know you’re living in your purpose.


I am Lindsey Morales, Life Transformation Coach that works with women entrepreneurs on defining their passion that designating their purpose.

I remember when I was still in the planning stages of starting my own coaching business and I was told to wait and get a corporate job. I knew that I didn’t want to spend my time working for someone else, and waiting for them to see my talents and, someday, give me an opportunity to coach.

I knew I had the business development skills and education to go out on my own, even if I lacked the corporate work experience.

I can help you do the same. After working with me you will be able to identify your true desires and start living your truth. You will have explored the benefits of adding self-care, wealth consciousness, and personal development practices into your everyday life. You will have the Abundant Entrepreneur Mindset.
I have overcome the adversities of being raised in a single-parent household, being the first generation to go to college, and starting my own business from scratch.I was told it wouldn’t happen for me several times. I was told I wasn’t good enough. I even told myself that lie until I decided to make a change in how I thought about myself and my dreams.

That’s when the TRANSFORMATION began!

I was just a Biracial-Latina from Kansas City, MO who DREAMED of doing something BIG with her LIFE.
I was raised by a single-mother and I grew up on public assistance. I wasn’t expected to do anything past high school, yet I was the first generation in my family to go to college.


I knew that I was seeking FREEDOM and ABUNDANCE.

I wanted to have freedom with my time and money. I’ve seen people work themselves to the bone, which resulted in them not spending time with loved ones, and no matter how much money they made it was never enough. No matter how much money they made they still lived paycheck to paycheck. I didn’t want that to be my story.


¨It’s time to open our minds and hearts to the world of ‪abundance.

So I got a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and went on to get a Master’s degree in Organizational Development Psychology.  I have the psychology background as well as the business background to coach the entrepreneur on living life and running their business in ABUNDANCE.story_z1

My style of coaching comes from a place of love, assertiveness, and empowerment.

I truly believe in investing in yourself. I have recently invested in a year-long coaching certification and business training program. Through this program, I have made amazing friendships and I get the pleasure of being mentored and trained by a multi-million dollar business owner.

I’ll tell you why I’m doing this work. For one, it is my dream to serve others while owning and operating my own business.

I love coaching and feel most in purpose when I’m doing it. I also love seeing my clients’ development and hearing “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

Another reason I am doing this work for the legacy I will leave my children and their children.

I want you to live the life you always dreamed because it is available to you. You can be a fierce woman business owner and still spend as much time as you want with your family and friends. You can have it all. You don’t have to choose. All it takes is some clarity, strategy, and support from a phenomenal coach (I am good, but it’s all about you). You’re the secret sauce that makes it all come together.


When you overcome the confusion and doubt of moving in the right direction you will feel UNSTOPPABLE.

You will feel at a higher frequency and will be ready to accept what the source has to offer. I overcame the problem by educating myself, working with a mentor coach, and joining a group of like-minded women entrepreneurs. I feel that everything that had ever happened to me in my life personally and professionally was building my skills and talents just so I could be a life coach and entrepreneur. I reassure you that when you’re living on purpose you will see your desires as non-negotiables.


It truly lights me up when a woman entrepreneur is ready to say “Yes” to what she wants and makes no excuses. I also get so much joy coaching clients to eliminate blocks in their progress. I love seeing the end result when a client has developed so much and their life looks completely different.

I want you to say “Yes” to your dream life and biz!

Meta Vida means Life Goal

I founded Meta Vida, LLC in Overland Park, KS in 2015. The company is dedicated to promoting necessary LIFE CHANGES that result in the individual LIVING their PURPOSE.

Vision: Empower the women entrepreneur or coach to live abundantly in life and business.  

Mission: Coach and teach entrepreneurs to run their purposeful businesses with a focus on service and authentic leadership.


My deep INTEREST and PASSION to IMPROVE life and business for others has PROVOKED the CREATION of Meta Vida, LLC.   


The company serves English and Spanish speaking clients and is motivated to empower people of color to become authentic entrepreneurial leaders.


INNOVATION, IMPERATIVE CHANGE, and efficient LIFE STRATEGY are the principles on which Meta Vida, LLC has been established.

Say ¨YES¨ to YOURSELF, say ¨Yes¨ to your DESIRES, say ¨YES¨ to the PEOPLE whose lives YOU will CHANGE!

Let me show you how!

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